A Dancing Dhingy.

A dancing dhingy,

Was floating on the sea.

It was dancing,

For the rain was pounding the ocean,

Just like an egg beater,

Which beats the egg most ruthlessly.

The dhingy had two dogs and three cats in it.

It also had two geese in it.

Their master had left the dhingy untied,

And the heavy rains played truant.

But soon the master came to his senses,

And arranged for a speed boat to chase his dhingy.

Meanwhile, the pets, in the dhingy,

Were scared,

And they had taken shelter under the roof in the dhingy.

The geese were praying to their angels.

Soon an angel appeared to the geese,

And said-“Don’t worry, the rain shan’t harm you”.

Just like a miracle happening in the Wild West Seas,

The master appeared in the speed boat,

And rescued his pets.

He tied the dhingy to the back of the speed boat,

And by the time they had reached the shore,

The dhingy was half wrecked.

The animals had fever,

And were checked by a veterinary doctor.

But all’s well that ends well.


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