The Acting Troupe.

An acting troupe would visit theatres all across the world, but very few were the places, where they got recognition.

One day they decided to hold stage shows. But they were in need of funds, as they were running out of money. So, they called on the Mayor of a famous city to help them out. The mayor heard them out and said-“I can only sponsor a single act. If your act goes south, don’t expect any help from me.”

The troupe readily agreed. The act was to be held fifteen days later. In the meantime, the troupe gave their best into their acting practice.

After five days, posters went out across the city. People were unresponsive towards it. But the mayor made the pitch and atleast fifty percent of the tickets were booked two days before the act.

The acting troupe was hopeful. On the day of the act, the mayor made an appearance, and like a bloated frog he gave them a speech-“I expect you all to do well.”

The act went live. By that time ninety percent of the tickets were sold.

They performed extremely well. The act was called-“The Rose”.

The last ten minutes were highly emotional. The atmosphere was super charged. When the show got over, the audience sniffed and cried. At last in between various nose blowing sounds, the audience gave them a huge round of applause.

The mayor came up on the stage and said-“I am happy for my troupe. They have done extremely well. I had selected them. They weren’t even ready to act. The city is ready to sponsor them for ten more acts.”

The troupe simply enjoyed the praise and let the mayor exaggerate. The troupe became famous all across the country. Each of their show was popular and fully booked. They kept the mayor’s promise and completed ten shows in two months.

The mayor soon offered twenty more shows. He said that their shows were fruitful for the city.

The troupe politely rejected the offers. They had got much better offers while the mayor seeing much profit, paid them meagre fees. The mayor tried much but he couldn’t convince them.

They thanked the mayor for all his help and performed a last big act as a charity for City funds and went on to perform in other parts of the country and were known all across the world as the “The Troupe.”


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