The Surprise.

The surprise was very nice.

It was a nice change from everything.

The eateries served nice pastries,

Which they still do,

Once a while.

Some taste like paint,

Some synthetic,

But a gourmet chef made us very happy,

By serving us a cake layered with biscuits.

Each layer of the biscuit was made with different flavours.

One such layer tasted of marmalade.

Another layer of chocolate.

Another one of vanilla.

And the one on the top tasted of butterscotch.

But there the surprise was hidden.

The top most layer was filled with sweet cream.

As soon as we took a bite into it,

The carefully done handiwork of the gourmet chef opened up,

And we were genuinely surprised.

It was a true effort from the chef,

And from the bottom of our heart,

It was appreciated.


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