Two Mad Friends. (Part -2)

One fine morning, First one and second one were having tea at first one’s home when,

First one-“How does the tea taste? Like banana? Pineapple or Lemon?”

Second one-“Like pomegranate.”

First one-“No, It tastes like pumpkin juice.”

First one “Ohhh! Pumpkin juice. That’s nice. Let’s have it.”

They both went to a juice seller and asked him for two glasses of it.

The seller looked at them quizzically and prepared two such glasses for them.

The juice seller- “Sixty dollars for the juice.”

The First one- “That’s cool. Here take this hundred dollars note and give me back my eighty dollars out of it and you can keep the change.”

The juice seller- “Are you nuts?”

Saying so, he handed first one back forty dollars.

The Second one-“Did he keep the change?”

The First one- “No, he paid me back one hundred and eighty pounds.”

The Second one – “He exchanged the currency. Cool.”

Saying so they went back to their respective homes.

What happened to the pumpkin juice?

That is yet to be decided.


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