Did You Ever Want To Be A Gardener?

I always did.So did my mother. Gardening is in our blood as my maternal grandfather was an excellent gardener. There wasn’t a single flower which didn’t grow beautifully in his hands. The roses which he would plant, used to grow into big, nice, lovely and wonderful red roses.

They would glow in the shining sun.The sunflowers used to smile whenever he went near them and the pinwheel flowers would blossom as he used to care for them.

Gardening is such an art which keeps the heart healthy.

Had my maternal grandfather been alive, today a huge garden would have been blossoming in our house and in his house too.

We still love gardening and whenever life allows we do a bit of it, but being full time gardeners is a fun job as it entails taking care of plants as if they are small babies.

Grow more plants, flowers and trees and be happy.


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