The Weekly Holidays.

The weekly holidays,

Are the best time around.

For frolicking,

For rejuvenating.

For being extra happy.

For singing.

For a dance.

For writing.

For cooking.

For jumping like a mad chap whenever you get the chance.

For sleeping till whatever time you want in the morning.

The weekly holidays,

Are the time of utmost relaxation,

Of studies which done with seriousness,

Might bring some good.

The weekly holidays,

Are the best the things which have been invented,

Be sure to spend them cheerfully,

Wisely and happily.

For they are the weekly holidays,

The gift from God,

To the ever struggling mankind,

To take a day or two of rest,

And rejuvenate yourself,

And be happy, merry and free from tension,

And sing a song or two,

Just like me.


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