Forgiveness is not a candle which can be lit as soon as you want to. Neither it is a ” forget it all and all is well” chip card.Nor is it a recurring process to commit mistakes, knowing that you would be forgiven.

It is not a tool for cleverness, for slyness, for spying.

It’s a boon which must be used to ask for forgiveness which comes from deep within the heart.

Beter if both your heart and mind are in sync.

On a daily basis we commit many mistakes especially the silly ones.

We often fall in traps of the overbearing minds and get entangled in such things which can’t be undone.

Forgiveness is asked for and by people like it’s a candy to got for free.

My Meher Baba is The Lord Of Mercy. His name name means “The father who mercies or The Merciful father.”

But don’t take him lightly. He does forgive, but the tests through which one has to pass are great.He walks the talks, and talks what he walks.

So, ask for forgiveness but it must be true . Otherwise when the time comes, you would ask for forgiveness for asking wrong or false forgiveness.

It’s better to row the boat yourself than to ask someone to do it free for you.


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