I visited a town,

It was painted bright pink and yellow.

There was fun,

There was frolic.

We sang a few songs.

The town looked bright,

In the evening light.

There were few cotton candy sellers,

Who sold cotton candies at a price,

Which would astonish city people,

Just like the tax receipt does.

We had few cotton candies.

The best thing about being in a town Is you can enjoy a lot,

Without having to bother about money.

Otherwise a day of fun in the cities,

Often leaves you wondering.

Where has the money gone?

Town O! Beautiful town,

Do always remain beautiful and do remain my friend.


5 thoughts on “Town.”

    1. It’s a poem, which I have written remembering my childhood and the photo almost resembles my grandma’s place in Kolkata.

      1. The place of poem’s picture which resembles a township of my grandma’s place is of Pueblo, Mexico. Are you visiting there soon? Or have already visited? I liked your pictures of Naples, Kosovo and Nea Kallikraitia which you have posted. Thank you.
        I was surprised that you found the poem”Town”interesting, but you have not given your like to it.
        If you ever visit Kolkata and visit the interiors of the city, you will find it more interesting. The life of the people and generosity and culture may interest your camera and food is also cheaper than any other metropolitan city in India.

  1. Here I go again. I had some connection issues since yesterday. Now it is working because I have found a wifi zone but my mobile is not working properly. I could finally put a like also to the poem. To tell you the truth I have been captured by your picture, and it is still the case.
    It has something that I cannot describe, it is captivating, colorful, meaningful, full of sense and empty because of the lack of people. I like this contrast but also it tells me something that I cannot explain. At a first glance it reminded me some corners of Tenerife but the more I look at it and the more I like it.

    I am glad that you are enjoying my pictures as well. I am always planning to visit Mexico but I am always overwhelmed with work

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