Prosperous Merchants.

Prosperous merchants.

Don’t often chant.

They only mean business.

As it is their finesse.

They have to come to rule.

But most of them have not ever studied in a school.

They know the minds,

And we know their kinds.

To get a discount from them,

Is heaven’s gift.

To make anything for free is nothing but bliss.

If you are a merchant then do be kind.

And if you aren’t then please don’t mind.

Prosperous merchants are everywhere,

In each town, city and streets.

Before they open their shop,

They do eat.

While selling their wares,

They sell their goods as the best,

And if asked “What’s the price?”,

The standard reply is-“Sir, only for you, ten percent discount or the price is the best.”

Prosperous merchants are everywhere.


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