The Baby Giraffe.

The baby giraffe was born in Sydney,

Where he had eight toys to play with.

The enclosure where they used to stay was large enough for seven giraffes.

He had two brothers and a sister.

The sister was very disciplined and was named Samantha.

Peter and John were his brothers.They weren’t naughty, but both of them preferred to play alone.

The baby giraffe was named Pistachio the second,

As there were two pistachio trees inside the enclosure and he liked to play around and them.

Pistachio the second, drinks a lot of milk and the zookeeper supplies him with ten bottles of it.

He has now grown to be a little stronger giraffe and plays with a big toy teddy bear. He is still a lot younger.

His mother, Margaret would spend half of her time taking care of him, and his father would sing him a song often.

Well the family of giraffes are now moving from Sydney to Vienna, and when their new exhibit opens, I shall write more about them.

But there shall be a big surprise waiting.


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