The Night.

The night is not very dark.

Its just that the sun has gone over to the other side.

Night itself is beautiful,

Wherein lies the best of the sky.

The stars are clear,

The birds are back to their homes.

The clouds have dissipated,

And the milky way is vast and all around,

And looks as if it is very old but new.

The stars are old friends of mine,

So are the mountains,

These are divisions in between which make the unknown seen.

The countries which are glowing in the far away lands,

Are often sought after as the nights there are seemed to be different, though they are not.

The night is same for all, but people and their mind set are what, which makes the divisions existent.

The night is a time when all must rest.

The owls must do their duty and keep on rotating their heads.

The night is a time,

When a child hears a story from his mother.

In such beautiful nights life becomes dearer and dearer.


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