Attitude is what defines a person. A person may or may not be aware of his or her attitude/ attitudes.

It seldom reflects what has been taught by the elders to that person. A person as he/she grows up develops their own attitude.

Nowadays, an attitude is a rage among people of various stratas of life and that is as soon as they finish speaking with someone, they plug in their earphones into their earlobes and start listening to music.

If you need to talk back to them, you would have to scream or shout at the highest octave of your voice . Then like a mouse squeaking out of its dug hole, they ask in a voice much lower than that of a  mouse, “Sir, were you saying something.”

Another attitude which is highly existent among shopkeepers is talking to a customer with a voice which is full of heaviness and nonsense. They speak as if they are the only shopkeepers existent and if you want to buy then buy, otherwise, search for some other shop.

There are few shopkeepers who treat the customers as God, but now a very few of them remain.

Attitude and its vastness can be seen everywhere, yet very few learn from it or correct it.

I will write more about attitude in my subsequent posts.


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