A Captain’s Moustache.

A captain’s moustache is round at the end.

It is so well maintained that,

Everytime, he grows it a big nice loop is formed.

A captain’s moustache is his pride and honour.

The more he talks,

The more it quivers.

A captain’s moustache,

Is oiled regularly,

To the tip.

As soon as he gets up in the morning,

He treats it like a small baby.

The moustache is his happiness,

His love,

Which is always with him.

Anyone who daresay,

A word against shall face,

The heaviest and the strictest action,

Existent within him.

He is the head of the ship or the plane.

And he commands respect.

And with it so does his moustache.

One can even earn an extra point or two,

If he or she gives an extra salute to the moustache.

If you meet such a captain,

Be sure that you don’t smile at his moustache,

Otherwise, the glare would be enough to make you wear your stylish sunglasses ASAP.


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