Very Real.

True Love is very real.

But what that is, is known yet unknown to all.

Money is very real.

Spend it a lot and you will understand its importance.

Hoard it, and you will become a miser

Marks are very real.

They are given to pupil whose families have bucket loads of materialistic dough.

Faith is very real.

It can make one cross the turbulence of various happenings.

Food is very real.

If your stomach remains empty,

Then the hunger pangs make you realise the importance of food.

Earning money is very real.

But out of all, the thing that remains real till the end is the saneness of one’s mind.

The more you remain sane, the more you have the ability to discern and detect.

Real and reality are paradoxes which contradict each other, where faith, love and truth don’t matter at all, yet they are the most important of all.


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