A Duck Swam In a Lake.

A duck swam in a lake. The Little ducklings swam too. They had been taken for a bath by their father, who was strict and very disciplined. The duckling cosied around him and said-“Father can we play in the deep waters?” He replied-“No.” The ducklings-“Why father?”

The father duck-“The water there is turbulent. That’s why”.

The ducklings face fell down.

Seeing their fallen faces, the father duck went to his friend the big fish and asked him for a ball. The big fish was wares seller, who had a shop on the bank of the lake. The duck paid 1 gold coin for the ball to the big fish and went to the spot where his children were sulking around.

Quietly, he brought out the around his back and said-“Surprise” and threw the ball in the air. His children noticed the ball going up in the air and in an instant,  they went after it and began playing with it.

Nearly two hours went by. Their mother who had been at home as she was busy cooking food was much worried why they hadn’t come home.

She went to the lake and couldn’t believe her eyes. Her husband and her children were playing catch-catch with a ball and they had lost the sense of time.

She said aloud to them-“Are you all coming home for lunch?” But she didn’t get an answer as they were all busy the game.

So, she simply went home and brought a loudspeaker and started shouting in it. “Are you all coming home or shall I simply lock you all out?”

The husband was petrified to hear her voice. The children cowered behind him. Immediately, he put on the garb of being a strict father and said-“Well, children, now it’s time to go home. Wade in front of me in a line.”

The moment they all reached home, a surprise was waiting for them. The whole big family of theirs and friends had gathered at their home as it was the father duck’s birthday.

The father duck had thought that everyone had forgotten about it , so he was in a grumpy mood since morning and was feeling let down as his children too hadn’t wished him.+They all had a separate plan for him. But when he was playing with them, he didn’t feel grumpy at all and was in a very good mood. His wife too hadn’t forgotten about it and had planned a big surprise party when, she found that since morning till afternoon they all were playing in the lake. She gifted him a tailor-made suit.

The father duck got all mushy when everyone wished him “Happy Birthday”.He got many gifts from all and the celebration was huge. It was an extremely happy day for all. Everyone was gifted a big cake which was home made as a return gift.

The best part was when all the ducklings made a “Happy Birthday Card” and gave it to him. When everyone had gone back to their home, he simply held it to his chest and slept like a proud father duck.



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