Andf It Will Be.

And It Will Be.

And it will be,

A sunny day,

With the bright Sun glowing brightly,

Like it always does.

And it will be a fight between a brother and a sister,

Who can’t give each other,

What’s their own.

And it will be,

A happy day,

And a brighter noon.

The day shall never end,

For the ice creams shan’t melt,

The crows shall sing,

And the parrots shall dance,

Like the birds in a magical circus,

While they will be singing for the opera.

One shall be a famous ballerina,

The other one a singer,

If they ever fight,

Then they will lose their ounces.

And it will be,

A majestic show,

A bigger show,

Which never has been seen before.

Who shall come and who shall not,

I will not tell before,

Please book your tickets,

As it will be a grand show,

The one which no one has seen before.

And so, it will be.


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