Little Jonathan And His Ball.

Little Jonathan is aged four years. He can sing a few songs and he has a ball.

The ball is a singing ball. It can record and play back recorded voices.

The good thing about the ball is that, you can bounce it as much as you want, but its recording and play back ability won’t get destroyed. That’s how it has been made. It can play children songs which are inbuilt into it.

Recently, Jonathan had visited his uncle’s house in Amsterdam and had forgotten his ball there.

Upon reaching his home In Madrid, Spain, he became highly disappointed and constantly pestered his parents for a few days to take him back to Amsterdam, so that he could have his ball back.

His parents assured him that soon they would. For a few days, he checked up with them and then he forgot all about his ball.

Nearly four weeks later, a courier boy came to Jonathan’s door. Jonathan’s mother received the package and it was from her brother, whom she had visited in Amsterdam.

In that courier was Jonathan’s ball and big box of chocolates.

Immediately, she called up her brother and asked that why had he couriered the ball back?

Do you know what his reply was?

“Jonathan’s father asked me to do so. Two days back he called me up and asked me to send the ball back and he has paid for the courier and chocolate box has been sent by me.”

Jonathan’s mother was very surprised. Why would her husband ask the ball back from her brother’s  and pay for a costly courier service?

In the evening when Tim (Jonathan’s father) came back, Patricia ( Jonathan’s mother) asked him that why had he asked for the ball back from her brother. The reason for her asking was that the courier service had costed nearly 200 Euros, believe it or not.

For few minutes, Tim gave vague answers. Patricia become more suspicious. The next morning, she couldn’t find the chocolate box anywhere.

She had searched for it everywhere.

In the afternoon, she found the box of chocolates.

The next day, she found out the reason, why Tim had paid for that costly courier. It was because, he had been fond of that singing ball and when his son was sulking for a few days after coming back home from Amsterdam, he had made his mind to get the ball back for his son. So, he had saved some money from his daily expenses regularly and when enough was saved he paid for the courier service and brought the ball back for his son.

To buy a new singing ball would have been cheaper, but he loved his son’s singing, so he got the original ball back for him.


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