Many Miles.

Many miles,

Many miles I have travelled,

Many miles we all have.

The roads didn’t end,

Neither did the train lines.

The journey is never ending,

For the distance keeps changing,

With the various modes.

Travelling is a passion,

It’s a burning fire,

Which keeps on going.

Flyer’s often collect “miles” points,

And keep on increasing their tier levels.

The higher the tier,

The better the facilities.

Many miles,

One has to travel,

To reach the goal.

The goal keeps changing,

As we see various things with various views,

But unknown or known to us, the goal remains still and ever present.

Many miles,

Civilizations have travelled,

With different heritages and cultures.

But people remain connected with each other,

As if they are long lost friends,

Forever and ever.

Many miles,

All have to travel,

As nothing ends,

All remains ever present.

Many miles,

The milestones are present,

The location changes,

But the birds fly,

Miles and miles across the ocean,

Into various continents,

So do we.

Mile, is a constant metric unit.

A mile equals to 1.6 Km.

But miles of love, grace, happiness and prosperity,

Is unlimited.

May we all travel,

Many miles after miles of all good things necessary for us.


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