Is It A Day?

Is it a day?

Has the Sun risen?

Has the Sun shined?

Is the breakfast ready?

Or is it still getting fried?

Have the shops opened?

Are the jobs ready?

Is there traffic on the way?

Or are the cabs and cars incessantly honking?

Keeping the streets lively and busy.

Is it lunch time yet?

I am feeling hungry.

It’s still thirty minutes to lunch break,

Yet the hunger is rising in my stomach like anything.

I have had my lunch, five minutes early.

There is still work left to do,

But I am feeling sleeping,

Now, it’s five minutes to closing and the day is still alive.

I want to go back home to watch the cricket match as soon as the bus arrives.

The bus arrives five minutes late,

I reach home a bit early.

The match has not yet started,

So hurray!

The night has come fast and the match has got over,

It’s time for me to sleep,

Is the day over?

I asked my mind this.

And it replied-“Nah-It’s still alive”,

But my mind asked me,

“Is it a day?”


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