Far, From A Distance.

Far, from a distance,

The moon was shining.

The street lights were on,

And the owls were dining.

Far, from a distance,

A boy in his mother’s arm,

Was crying for a lollipop.

His mother kept on walking with the boy in her arms,

And she didn’t stop,

They soon reached home.

Far, from a distance,

A scarecrow was protecting its master’s field,

But in came a few sparrows,

And ate few corn seeds.

Far, from a distance,

The light glowed,

In the light house ,

It went round and round,

But its light didn’t stop.

Far, from a distance,

A bird flew,

Day and night,

Crossed the Atlantic Ocean,

And reached its home,

With a twist in fate.

The bird wanted to land in a greener pasture,

But landed in a sandy zone,

Oh! But never mind,

In its next flight,

It would take the right course.

Far, from a distance,

The ball soared high in the sky,

It was a six,

But the team couldn’t win.

The crowd cheered,

Everyone liked the six hit,

But the batsman felt a bit let down,

As he wanted to win the game.

Far, from a distance,

A flight took off,

It went across the sky.

Till the vision could see it,

It reached its destination,

And came back again.

It landed at,

From where it had taken off.

And took off again.


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