Long Trees.

The long trees were so very long,

That they seemed to be just below the sun.

The sun with its brightness and glare,

Looked down upon them as if only did he have the flair.

The trees weren’t far behind,

They too were king in themselves.

Some were coniferous, some deciduous and some pine.

But when the winter came,

All said-“Mine, mine.”

The winter got over and happy days came again,

Light shined through the trees and they were green again.

The sun was truly the king like only he could sing.

But the trees had a song of their own which had the words-“Bark, root and no spear”.

Why the word “no spear” was there in their song,

I haven’t got a clue,

But maybe the trees had seen enough ancient wars,

So they seemed to say -“No spear. It’s only happiness that we want to hear.”

The long trees and its leaves,

Are there forever and ever.

They smile upon the whole creation,

They say with pride-“We are old but the creation gets made over and over”.


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