Till the Day Came To An End.

Till the day came to an end,

All had gone to their homes.

Dinner was ready,

With beautiful salads and soups.

The offices had closed for the day.

The people who had stayed behind,

Were now in a hurry to reach their homes.

The warm hearth and the red glowing fireplace,

Was waiting for them.

Till the day came to an end,

All the homeworks were done.

Playrooms were arranged back to their proper place by the mothers.

The studies for the exams were done,

The children are asleep in the beds,

The bed time storirs were already said.

As it is well past bed time,

The small babies were deep asleep in their mother’s arm.

Till the day came to an end,

God had blessed us all,

So sleep tight,

As the fairies may come and spread their brilliant light.


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