At Nearly Twelve.

At nearly twelve I woke up.

I had my midnight snack,

Did a small dance,

Went back to bed.

At nearly twelve,

The clock struck,


Like a song,

Which had been sounded with a gong.

At nearly twelve,

Sleep came asking,

“Will you sleep?”

I replied-“ Yes your majesty, but let me take a peep.”

Sleep asked-“Where to do you want to peep?”

“Where my mother has kept fruit salad with ice cream, deep inside the fridge.”

Sleep said-“Can I have two spoons of it?”

I replied-“Sure why not, but one condition.”

Sleep-“And what is that?”

I-“You can’t tell Ma that I didn’t sleep.”

Sleep-“Fine, superb, excellent. It’s a deal.”

I-“Well my friend join me in my great feast.”

Sleep-“Sure I will.”

I-“I have small request, please use your magical power and refill the bowl of fruit salad with ice cream, otherwise Ma would be angry.”

Sleep-“Of course I will. Do you want me to produce another bowl of fruit salad with ice cream?”

I-“Simply refill and that shall be enough.”

Sleep and me, we both went to the fridge and had a great helping of fruit salad with ice cream.

Only to Find Ma standing behind us.

Sleep gave me the slip,

While Ma forgave me and I went to bed.

At nearly twelve and fifteen minutes,

I was in the land of dreams,

Dreaming of all the beautiful things.

But I couldn’t find Mr.Sleep.

But the taste of fruit salad with ice cream was so great,

That it wasn’t till Ma called me,

That I woke up in the morning.


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