Heart Felt Love.

Heart felt love is what I felt when I saw you. You are the beautiful dish of fried rice and sweet and sour chicken.

It is the same love which I felt when the rays of the early morning touched my face.

The love which overwhelms my heart is the love for my Ma,Baba and God.

For love is infinite it can’t be measured.

Only a dimwitted person would try to do so.

Most people who proclaim to be in love, are fools, as they try to gauge love as if it is a physics experiment.If it could be read as a reading on a barometer,most lovers and their beloved would have been found to be slopping in the department of love.

Love’s department is in God’s control for any love is unsustainable without him.Love stems from him, it stays in him, with him and flourishes with him.

Heart felt love is what a mother feels for her son or daughter.What God has for his children is unbounded, infinitely beautiful and all loving love.

Love is a precious commodity whose value is only known to God and a mother and father. It takes a lot of time for the human brain to understand what love is? Out of billions and trillions of people , very few , when shone with God’s light understand what heart felt love is.

It’s a gift which very rarely can be possessed. It is a treasure which requires no chest .Only the ability to perceive it and receive it is needed. If you have heart felt love in you for someone, you don’t need to go fishing deep inside your heart or to the bottom of your heart or even for a holidays in the deep blue islands. Simply be and let love flow.


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