An old letter

An old letter which was from my aunt, kept in my old school bag, maybe twenty years old. It was kept in my old notebook. This morning I opened it. It was well lit. It gave me lot of love. Aunt wrote-that soon she would see me and congratulated me that I have taken care of my handwriting.

Advised me to take care of the spellings. It smelled of her. It smelled of my childhood. It smelled of her love. It is still there. The love and care she posted, I post it to you. Hope it will be liked by you. It has touched me and it will remain with me forever. I remember whenever I used to get good marks, she would congratulate by letters and sometimes she would come and buy me many gifts. Gifts are always unique as they signifies anybody’s love and concern for you. Among many gifts, there was a toy train which I used to play imagining myself on the Darjeeling hill top. Today I feel very happy that this memory is intact and my mind’s age has not retreated from the fun of playing with that train. I love you aunt. You inspired me by appreaciating me. By playing with me. Today this post is for you.Do you know aunt that I made friends? I went to Darjeeling. It was very very cold, as all of you know and when I shook my hands with the Gorkha children of my age, they laughed very much as my hands were in gloves and they weren’t wearing any. They were cheerful and in their language they pointed towards the food stall and gestured to proceed there. A lady was making some food in a steamer. It had stuffed cabbage inside which all three of us liked very much and later came to know it’s name. It is none other than “Momo”. I can still remember, I wore my mother’s childhood coat and had two sweaters which you knitted for me. It was all love that was knitted in it. Be always in those lovely mood as I did not get old, you are still young too. I love you. I love you all mothers who blessed me.

I have many more stories about my aunt, I would write later on.


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