The Holidays.

The holidays were such a time when we all cherished each and every moment of it. The holidays meant breaking free from the rigidity of daily life. The fun in packing bags and suitcases is a bit tedious but the true fun lies in slinging on the bag pack and getting ready for the journey. Getting onto a train, making the berth for sleeping is another fun which my father used to do for me. Once or twice I have made a crumpled berth for sleeping. Waking up early in the train, watching the green fields and having omelettes from the train pantry is fun beyond words. At home many of us make faces and say-“Omelettes. Can’t we have macaroni and cheese?”  But there is no greater fun than having omelette with bread, a chunk of butter and cold water.”

Flight journeys were a rare privilege which once in two years we could afford. The best part of holidays were of visiting my maternal grandmother. Those days were golden. She was a ball of pure love.

Such were my beautiful holidays.

We just simply miss them.

Be happy and have holidays. Hope that very soon we too shall have one and more than one.


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