Nature and We.

Nature is all around us which we all are a part of. Continuously we will pray to God-“God stay with me, protect me and love me. Take care of my house and children. We pray with utmost asking.” Most of the times he listens or if it is delayed we make our own ways. Even we do not listen to our inner self. Humanity we choose to serve and save. At the evening when the mosquito killer machine groans vigorously, does it consider for the single mosquito? Maybe innocent (not possible) or a form of God. Here nature stands for the killer machine and any how mosquitoes are born again.

The balance should be there. When imbalance is loaded, nature does not wait, it retaliates. We have seen it time and again. We are sent to the earth with a destiny, which is a chosen and required part for individuals and harmony. When heard and learnt, I was very much eager to know. Destiny as we know contains a little luck, hard work or soft work, results of the mature relationship with kith and kin, loving God proceeds permanently to the other part of the life. We have seen tsunami, flushing away the home, floods, earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, forest fires. As I love God, once one asked me-“Those who were gone in any of these calamities, for all of them is destiny the same? I gave it a thought, definitely not. Do we all together do the same whatever has to be done?

Or we simply observe from a distance, when all of you should protest.

We don’t cry much for the fate of the animals in the calamities. The animals too have their faith in God. They are the very part of the life pattern on which ecosystem is based. All of us know that what one is doing, is doing it knowingly. All should listen to their inner voice.


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