The Existence.

To feel that I exist in this world, makes me feel unaware of that, because that is unnatural. The sounds come in the brain that I am so and so. How does it feel when I listen and become quite off with it. The name what my parents gave me is a boat to sail on. I have a nickname and another for school and college certificates, passport and all. Am I really that with what you call me? Many times in my childhood I used to think what is all this? This thought was prevalent in the subconscious. Was it like that my original soul was telling me my real name and the sounds got propagated and came to my conscious which says that I am so and so in this birth. Again I took my name and questioned me what and what? It was like a small whirlpool in which I remained for sometime and then came out as I love you all. It all happened when the sunlight reached the verandah and I stood there. My existence is just like a confirmation of a post in an office. I listened to my breathe, ran to my mother, felt my heartbeat and oh! She is there cooking food. My school homework is also there and I am so much worried about my small world. I love to play with my toys. Oh! Vast is my creation.

My toys though police cars will not end up catching real thieves, only my treasured mind will play. See there was a toy cooking set. My restaurant was going there. Who bothers with the identity when all is mine? Please do not give me applause if I have done well. If you give then please don’t take it away because I have not changed. Please do not make me an object to be seen while I am absorbed in my creation. I will suffer my joy and fun and my privacy of cognition will lose its flow. Please let me be there in this world as hidden, as playing, as vast as I have chosen to be. In and with you all I have grown. Let me be like that all what I am.

Now worthiness I have to prove, because already I loved you. My heart I have given to you. Same I am still now. Give me my little space among you. If you cannot just forget me. My achievements will be yours only but name will again prove my existence. What do you say? I have gathered so much, my basket is full. Fill my heart with love from your heart. My highest friends are pouring it with abundance and waiting for your turn as love begets love which is life.


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