Meet The Other Members of the Family Anacardiaceae.

In one of my previous post I had written that Mangifera indica i.e. mango is from the family Anacardiaceae.

But there are classifications (members) in it. You would be surprised to see the classification, that how can two different things be classified in the same family, but as in our human families, two or more brothers and sisters are never the same, in the same way, maybe mango has such brothers and sisters, that the whole ecosystem seems highly astounding. Some of them are:-



3.Brazillian pepper tree.



6. Mastic tree.

7.Tommy Atkins.

8.Cuddapah almond.

I was very surprised to know that cashew and mango are the part of the same lower family. Its looks like they are distant cousins.

With these there are many more classifications in the family Anacardiaceae. To write “Anacardiaceae” is tougher than pronouncing it.


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