Jinks and Kinks, The Siblings Who Punch.

Two brothers aged seven years and three and half years, were diamonds and balls of love in their mother’s eyes. Their household name was Jinks (the elder son) and Kinks (the smaller child).

She had a sister who would often visit them and on her frequent visits she would bring clothes and toys for Jinks. Now this had happened more than three times, so one day Jinks asked her-“Aunty, why are you always bringing toys and clothes for him? I too am a small child.”

The aunt understood the situation and replied-“The next time I will definitely bring something for you.”

The boy nodded his head and ran off.

The next day, the aunt came again and this time she had bought a toy and a pair of shirt and pant for Jinks and with that she had brought for him a bag of chocolates. On seeing the chocolates, he opened the bag and started munching the chocolates. The aunt-“Please share some with your little brother.” His little brother Kinks was playing on the cot. Jinks forcefully thrusted two chocolates in his hand. The little child was completely startled. Their mother had seen this happen.

So, that afternoon, she explained him-“Why such a behaviour? Your brother is after all your brother.”

Jinks -“Everyone loves him the most. I don’t get chocolates, gifts, clothes and other things as much as he does.’’

The mother replied-“You must not think like that. I love you both equally.”

Jinks-“No, you don’t. You love him the most.”

The mother gave it a thought and said-“Will you teach your brother?”

On hearing this Jinks looked at his mother’s face with intensity and asked-“Teach him what?”

Jinks had started learning addition and subtraction in school and could count upto sixty. After that he used to get confused.

So, the mother said-“You can teach him addition and subtraction. You can be his teacher and he will be your pupil.”

Jinks felt excited and said-“Ma, I will start teaching him tomorrow onwards.”

The next day morning, he began teaching his small brother addition.”

Jinks-“If I give you one chocolate and then if I give you another one, then how many chocolates do you have?

Kinks replied-“One chocolate with another chocolate, I don’t know bhaiyya (big brother).”

Jinks-“  Two. The answer is two.”

The smaller child-“Two.”

The Jinks had a bad habit of over doing things or in this case over teaching Kinks maths.

Now Jinks started teaching Kinks subtraction, which went as follows:-

Jinks-“If I give you ten apples and then take three away then how many remains?”

Kinks-“ Ten apples……………………..I don’t know bhaiyya (big brother).”

Jinks-“ Seven apples remain. You don’t understand anything. I have to teach you a lot.”

Jinks-“Suppose I give you one, two, three toys and then take them back from you, then how many toys remain?”

Kinks thought a while and answered-“Nada. Nothing remains.”

Kinks had learnt the word “Nada” from his aunt and knew that it meant zero.

To explain Kinks properly about subtraction, Jinks gave him three toys and asked him to give them back to him.

Jinks-“Remember that give me back the exact number of toys which I have given you.”

Kinks returned him the toys and sat quietly on the bed. His big brother was a big question mark to him.

The next day while teaching Kinks maths, suddenly Jinks hit him three punches in the back and fled from the room.

Kinks began crying and his mother rushed to see what had happened.

Jinks had fled to his friend’s house and when he came back in the evening he tried to enter through the back door, but with God’s grace he was caught by his father and a resounding slap was struck across his face by his father. Kinks had developed fever as the punches had been hard on him and the doctor had to be called.

When he went inside the room where his brother was resting, he saw that his brother was lying on the bed with a wet cloth on his head.His aunt was taking care of Kinks and she didn’t even look at him.

He went near his brother and his little brother turned towards him.

Kinks-“How may punches should I give you brother?”


Kinks-“You told me give you back the exact number of things that I give to you. So, how many punches should I give you?”

Hearing this words from his smaller brother, Jinks ran from the room and went straight to his mother in the kitchen-“Mother, you know what Kinks told me?”

Mother didn’t speak to him at first, but on seeing his fallen face, she asked-“What did he say?”

Jinks-“ He told me that how many punches should he give me?”

Mother-“Did he? Attaboy! Brilliant boy”

Jinks-“What?! You are taking his side?”

Mother-“I must. After all you hit him without any reason. So, if he hits you back then that will teach you a lesson.”

Jinks face fell on hearing his mother’s words and whispered to his mother-“Ma, I am actually a coward. I don’t have any courage.”

Mother-“Yes, that’s what you are. A coward. Now go and study.”

The End.


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