Valentine loser with a Hat.

A man had gone to celebrate the Valentine ’s Day with his wife. He had brought four bunches of balloons. Two bunches he had held in his hands and the other two he had given to his wife with whom he was celebrating the day.

Now his wife was eating her favourite bourbourn flavoured ice cream,when her husband had handed the balloons.

For few minutes she was happily eating and munching the ice cream, when she spotted a dress at a display still of a big shop, which specializes in ladies dresses.

 Instantaneously, she let go off the balloons and called out to her husband-“See this dress. Isn’t it pretty?”

Her husband didn’t reply back to her as he was shocked to see the balloons fly away. His wife called out to him again, but this time, he started chasing the balloons.They had just come out of the shopping area and at the exterior end of it was the cloth shop on whose window still she had seen the dress.

Now nearly twenty red valentine balloons were in the air and people were looking towards them questionably and the man was running to save his balloons which was a more comical sight.

He chased the balloons for over two hundred metres and that’s when his hat tonked off his head and fell on the road. People who were seeing this happening started laughing.By then his wife had caught up with him and asked him-“why are you running after the balloons? Let them fly off. All are laughing at your foolishness.”

The man picked up his hat and brushed off the dirt from it. Inside from his hat, he brought out a letter and gave it to his wife, saying-“For you.”

The wife opened the letter. After reading the letter she kept on blinking her eyes like a robot.

Her husband simply sighed.

Do you know what was written in the letter?

The content of the letter was-

“My Dear Wife,

                         As you are the only one in my life, the beautiful diamond pendant hidden in one of the balloons is for you my Valentine, for the diamond in my life.

In your service and love,


Wife-“What do you mean by diamond pendant?”

Husband-“I had bought a beautiful, small and gorgeous diamond pendant for you and had hidden it in one of the balloons. When we would have reached home, I would have given this letter to you and asked you to pop the balloons one by one to find the pendant.”

Wife-“Are you mad? Who hides a diamond pendant in balloons?  You should have told me beforehand. Now my diamond pendant is lost.”

His wife was so upset that she got into an auto while their car was parked at the mall. However the husband walked back to the mall, got into his car and drove back home.

When he reached home, he found a note besides the front door from his wife-“I am going to my maternal home for two days. Don’t call me.”

The man felt very sad.

At evening seven o’ clock, the doorbell rang and he was astonished to see the store manager of the jewellery shop from where he had bought the diamond pendant in front of him.”

The store manager-“Sir, while packing the pendant, our sales staff had given you an empty box. Here is the original diamond pendant and with that please accept this bar of Cadbury from us as our apology. To make it upto you, we are giving you a coupon of thirty percent discount for the next time you shop. Hope you have a Great Day”. Then the manager left.

The husband was still standing at his doorstep with his mouth wide open. He couldn’t believe his luck. The diamond pendant was in his hand, so he could call his wife now.

Immediately he dialled his wife, but she wouldn’t pick up the confounding mobile phone of hers.

He kept on dialling her, to his mother in law, but to his dismay, his mother in law simply cancelled his call and he too didn’t call her anymore. Who likes calling his mother in law? That’s a big ground for trouble.

So, he ate a sandwich and went to sleep.

At ten p.m. the sleep breaking doorbell rang again.

Rubbing his eyes like a senile man he opened his door to find his whole lot of in-laws standing in front of him. He again rubbed his eyes, thinking that he was hallucinating. But the vision remained the same. His brother in law, sister in law, mother in law, father in law and grumbling behind them was his wife, were standing at the porch.

He said-“Hi.”

Mother in law-“Well we have come to meet the foolish man who packs a diamond pendant in a balloon.

The husband-“That’s me ma’am.”

He asked everyone to come in and the in-laws came inside and his wife went to the kitchen to bring water for everybody. On the kitchen table she found a red jewellery box. She became suspicious and opened it. Inside was the diamond pendant. Seeing it she began screaming.

Everybody rushed to the dining area. She shouted-“Mother, father see my diamond pendant.”

Everybody saw it and acknowledged the fact that it was beautiful and charming.

The husband came looking like a loopy person and said-“So,now you are happy that you have got your pendant?”


The husband was all smiles.

He said-“Happy Valentine’s day wife.”

The wife –“Same to you”. Then she went inside to keep her pendant safely in her locker.

Such are valentines nowadays.


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