Compulsory/ OR.

“It’s compulsory and you have to do it.” How many times have you heard this line?

Anything which is compulsory doesn’t mean that it is justified to be compulsory.

Being compulsory simply means that it is mandatory whether you like it or not.

In a situation of compulsory or “OR”, the most fun occurs when both of them are at loggerheads with each other.

Sometimes “OR” contradicts the compulsory tag.

It’s most serious effect can be seen in question papers, where the first three questions are compulsory and the rest of the ten questions go with “OR”.

But the real fun happens when the student hasn’t prepared either for the compulsory question and the “OR” question is nearly as same as the compulsory question. Generally this is done by teachers who like to select two questions from the same page, topic or chapter.

While travelling to many places, the question of “compulsory/ OR” comes into play.

Suppose you are travelling to a hill top restaurant, therefore it is compulsory for you travel by a cable car, as there is no other mode of transportation.

While travelling to various island destinations, the most valid form of travelling is air travel. Sometimes the only option is air travel.

The “OR” form of travel would entail travelling by ship for many days altogether.

While travelling to very few island countries, you have to take air taxi to reach the destination island after you land at the main airport. The air taxis can take off and land on water. They are also known as amphibious planes.

In a game of basketball you don’t have the option of kicking the ball, while in football you can’t touch the ball.

In cricket you can kick the ball but there remains a chance of you being given out as L.B.W. plus there are few regulation about kicking a ball, so there is an “OR” option in cricket but the danger remains.

So, one has to be very mindful while choosing either of the “compulsory\ OR”. It’s better to be sure while selecting either of the two, or one can remain hanging between them.


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