Tring Tring!

When I was in school, most toys would be made of plastic. A small cycle model made of metal body and plastic handles, was kept for display in a big cycle shop. Few days later, the company which owned that brand of cycles organized a letter writing competition and the same cycle toy model was supposed to be given as a prize for the competition which would be held after school examinations got over.

A week after the examinations got over, the competition dates were announced.

 Nearly a hundred students took part in the competition.

When the results were announced, I was awarded the third prize and as a reward the same toy cycle model, but a bit tinier in size was presented to me. Ma gave me a big chocolate as reward and a big kiss on my cheeks.

In the evening, when I showed dad my achievement, he beamed with happiness and excitement.

The next day Ma and Baba, bought me a real bicycle. I couldn’t express my happiness.

Doing tring tring on a bicycle was my favourite past time hobby when I was little.

I learnt to ride the bicycle in three days and after that I would regularly go to school on my new blue coloured bicycle.

Childhood is full of wonders, surprises and happiness. Tring Tring!

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