Holidays Begin and Going For A Bus Ride-Part-7.

Coming back from the drama (of the small girl), all my school vacation memories and of the time before the vacations begun came back to me, I thought what if the little girl’s story was true? For a girl her age, whose world revolves around her parents, sister, home and school; not being able to take part in the final exams would have torn her apart and after the vacations when the new classes would begin, the pain of not being promoted would have been unimaginable for her.

We reached our hotel and within ten minutes we had our lunch, which consisted of pakoras, rice, dal makhani,veg korma, and papad.

After lunch we rested for about an hour and then had to pack our bags, as it was time for us to go home now. At three in the afternoon we got in the bus.

The three of us were feeling a bit down as the place, the beauty, the adventure, the exploring, the excitement, the uniqueness and the love was something which was unexpected and in our memories it would remain everlastingly.

At about four pm, we were crossing a turn when we saw a hill range and as the dusk was nearing by we saw that the sunlight was shining brightly atop the hills. It felt from the bottom of my heart that Sun God was with us.

Baba felt a bit sadder to leave the place, as everyday he would take a stroll in the hotel garden and a small girl would give him a rose everyday and the mali(the gardener) would tell him a story everyday.The mali was a tribal man and he had recounted some of the major happenings of that area, how their tribe had connected more and more with the outer world.

We reached home at eight in the evening and as soon as Ma made a simple dinner for us, all our sadness went out of the window and giving God Almighty a big kiss, we all went to bed.



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