Holidays Begin and Going for A Bus Ride-Part-5.

The following day, we went to watch a drama. The drama was about a small girl who had learnt English with a lot of dedication and hard work, but couldn’t give her exams as her parents didn’t have enough money for it. One of the tribal men whom we had met yesterday, was the show’s director and his daughter was playing the role of the small girl. After the drama got over, we met with the director and he was very much happy that we had come to see the drama. We asked him that how did he get into directing drama? He replied that a complete theatre workshop was held in the village seven months back and since then I have directing a play every two weeks. The girl who had enacted the role of the small girl came and hugged him and that’s when we came to know that she was his daughter. On stage, she had spoken English in a fine manner. Upon inquiring with her father that where from had she learnt the language, we got the knowledge that a tutor came every three days to teach her spoken English and the dialogues of the play were also practiced with the help of that teacher.


The drama’s climax was that the girl kept studying for her exams despite knowing the fact that her parents could not pay her fees. That night she had prayed to God, that her exams must go well and then she had gone to bed. The next morning she got ready and dressed up to go to her school and……………………

The rest I will narrate tomorrow.


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