Holidays begin and going for a bus ride- Part-2

The next day we went to a tea estate. You had to pay a twenty-five rupees entry fees. The whole area concerning the estate was very big and one could tour inside for hours. There were beautiful tracks cut in the estate so that one could walk on lane.  After spending nearly forty-five minutes walking, we went to the tea shop there and bought four different varieties of tea, out of which only one stood out and it was rose flavoured.

While coming out of the estate, we saw two flamingos and four begonia trees.

The nearby jungle tour which our trek guide was repeatedly requesting us to visit, was planned at about 12:30pm. We had our lunch at twelve pm.

For lunch, dal bati churma  ( a famous Rajasthani dish) was prepared with onions and farsan and with it veg jeera rice, spicy korma and dal hundo was made. For people who didn’t eat rice, small chapatis and rotis were made. Having the buttermilk during and after the lunch made our hearts dance with happiness, joy and enjoyment. There is nothing like a fresh glass of buttermilk garnished with coriander and chillies and bit of an essence of jeera (cumin) powder.The restaurant manager told us that they had an another variety of buttermilk which was made with the essence of rose and saffron and brought three glasses for us. We had that buttermilk too and it was brilliant but the original buttermilk with jeera powder was and is the best.

Now the tour to the jungle began. It was about a two hour journey from the hotel and in the bus our trek guide was also present. We asked him-“yesterday, you told us that the jungle is nearby, when it is a two hour journey. Please explain.”

His reply was-“Actually, long before, nearly more than a century ago, this whole area was a jungle. Our forefathers were the original inhabitants of this place and they would tell us that there were wild elephants and tigers in this jungle but now the area and animals in the jungle have reduced”.

Hearing his explanation we understood the matter.

nature forest waterfall jungle

We reached the outer boundary of the jungle and from there we would have to get into a bus which was enclosed and protected with strong iron grills.

Before getting into the jungle tour bus, we had some sweetmeats and a mango vanilla ice cream each.

Then began our enclosed, protected jungle tour. The bus conductor told us not click any photographs of any animals. ESPECIALLY LIONS AND TIGERS.

Do you want to know if we had seen any tigers or lions or not, then wait for tomorrow, as I will narrate and write about it tomorrow.


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