Self-discipline is not an inbuilt-default feature in humans. It comes with utmost dedication, hard work and control.

Many simply brush away the topic of self – discipline like it is a non-important matter. But when time comes, it is what matters the most.

Getting up early in the morning and on a daily basis is one of the first steps of being self-disciplined in a man’s life.

It is a subject which needs to be dealt with a firm and strict hand. Students who lack self-discipline, often go astray and lead a life which is full of indiscipline and subsequently leads to degradation and monotony in studies and in other matters such as sports, extracurricular activities.

Technology which has many good sides has a bad side too. Students, pupils, men and women who become hooked to technology such as mobile games, computer games, watching continuous television and being 24×7 on social media become more and more away from reality and get embedded in the virtual world.

Being able to be self-dependant is a very important and good achievement in itself and walking on its path is what keeps a man in his own sphere and dimension.

Self is a very small part of this world but in itself its dimensions are never ending. Discipline and good health, helps to keep it in shape, without which there is a big chance wherein the self might get lost in itself.

It is a serious thing and ponder over it a bit and if possible try to make yourself self-disciplined.


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