Butter Croissants.


Nicely and properly made butter croissants are something to die for. French cuisine has thrown something so beautiful that sometimes people go miles to have that finely made food item.The croissants had taken birth in Austria, but their make is French. Once upon a time, we (ma, baba and me) used to go more than twelve miles to have or buy few butter croissants. Sometimes we would have it then and there, but most of the time we would bring them back home and have those fabulously crafted butter croissants at our leisure.

Butter croissants with small round dark brown chocolate cakes are a bumper offer for and on the appetite. Homemade cakes are a different story altogether. You don’t need any croissants to make them look better. Simply have a few of ma’s homemade cakes and go to sleep four atleast four hours and dream that you are cruising in heaven with the best personalities over there (I am describing myself).

From the time we found out about those butter croissants, we would buy them atleast once in two weeks. Nearly a year went by, when the supermarket where we used to buy them, opened a new bakery division with a pretty much hyped look and they started selling four types of croissants. We were exploring the bakery division, when we came across the croissants. Now there were no labels attached except, how much they cost. We asked around, but none of the store guys could help as they didn’t know which product was which and only reply they could give was-“The products are oven fresh and have arrived here early in the morning.”

Out of those four type of croissants, we picked up one. At the cash counter, we asked the counter guy what type of croissant was the one which we had picked? He scanned the bar code and replied-“Butter garlic croissant.” My face fell down immediately as garlic is something which you don’t want in your croissants.

We came home and had our lunch. Before having our evening tea, ma got up and heated those butter garlic croissants and each one of us got one and still one was remaining( they had packed four butter garlic croissants together, in a single plastic wrapping).

With a lumpen face, I dipped that croissant into my cup of tea and flinchingly had a bite of it. The taste of the garlic was slightly overwhelming, but those over dollops of butter applied on the croissant made everything alright and the evening was as rosy as it should have been, only the evening sun was getting mixed with the horizon and the birds were returning home.

Later, I finished my homework and was helping ma in the kitchen and after the work in the kitchen got over, ma heated the remaining croissant and sprinkled powdered sugar and sugar crystals over it and cut the croissant into three equal pieces, one for baba, one for her and one for me. Without wasting a single minute, I gobbled my piece up and it was the beginning of a permanent friendship of butter garlic croissant with us.

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Happy Eating and Adios!



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