World Coffee Day.

Yesterday was world coffee day. Coffee outlets across the world are offering different sorts of discounts. Few of them are offering huge discounts and different types of coffee at unbelievable prices for the whole week. Such prices are unimaginable. They may had been applicable in the last century.

Those who don’t know about the celebrations of the World Coffee day which are being run for a week, would be in for a pleasant surprise when they go to buy favourite mood and tastes of coffee. Coffee drinks which cost about two hundred to three hundred rupees, are being sold for a hundred bucks.

Coffee has been revolutionized in a magnanimous sort of way. Half a year back we had banana flavoured coffee and pomegranate grained coffee.

A famous restaurant serves superb and magnificent cup of cappuccino coffee made with milk and sugar and on the top layer they make beautiful designs with cream.

Once by mistake we had ordered for expresso in place of cappuccino. The waiter had told us-” expresso coffee are served as shots.”

We told the waiter that we are happy with it.

As he brought two shot glasses filled with dark and deep coffee we were astonished.Immediately, we said -“We didn’t order for this coffee. We had ordered for plain coffee with milk and coffee”.

The waiter said-“That’s cappuccino. I will change the order for you.”

After ten minutes he brought two cups of magnificent cappuccino coffee.

Sometimes, time itself gifts humanity some unknown unbelievable prizes which cannot be imagined. Coffee is one of them.

Coffee beans were invented by God Almighty and the beans were discovered around third to fourth A.D. by a person accidentally and later on they were cultivated for mass production. Today coffee beans are highly acclaimed products. A small jar of high quality coffee beans costs a lot in comparison with other beverages. Ordinary people i.e. middle class people who run their households on a basic fixed salary, have coffee as their morning refreshment or as evening show time drink once or twice in a month. They can’t imagine having coffee for more than twenty four times a year. I can proudly write this line because by having a little amount of God’s grace, I come from a family which works very hard to sustain on hand to mouth existence and having coffee even once in two months was a big thing for us. Times changed and there came a time when we had coffee daily as my dad had got a packet of ready made coffee as an annual gift from his company.

Nearly for a month, we had coffee on a daily basis but with God’s grace we turned back home to our sweet and nutritious tea. The time was again back to old times.

The feeling of having a big mug of coffee daily would remain etched on my mind forever.

Be happy and sometimes when savings or pocket money allows do have a nice cup of cappuccino coffee. They are the best.

My mother is not well. Her health has been going down for over the years.There was an incident that I would like to narrate.

Despite being ill, while going home from college,ma took me to a popular coffee shop and for the first time in my life we, i.e. ma and me had coffee with ice cream in our life. In those days they used to cost a ton, but ma bought it so that I could have it. Never again did we have it, but while writing this post, the taste of that coffee with ice cream came back in my mouth . I simply couldn’t believe that we were having coffee with ice cream because in those the days only the privileged, the people with a lot of dough and with an air of superiority could afford such fancy drinks.

Yep! That’s All.


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