While Travelling, Waterrrrrrrrrr…..

While travelling, how many times have you a bought a bottle of water? Be it a train journey or a plane journey, water is an essential and necessary element and accessory to carry with.

It is worthwhile to carry atleast two bottles of one litre drinking water. Many think that what is the need for it? Some carry half litre bottles as it reduces the backpack load.

You will find that there are many who don’t even carry an empty water bottle with them and when the time comes, they feel thirsty and then all hell breaks lose. Either they have to ask for drinking water from someone else or they have to buy it.

It had once with someone right before our eyes. We were standing at a railway station waiting for a train. There were four or five food stalls on the station and we were near such a one. The guy came and asked for a bottle of water. The stall keeper replied-“Today, water bottles are not available as the supplier has not supplied them.”

The man was stunned to hear that.He replied-“I am feeling very thirsty. I need to buy a bottle of water. Please help.”

The stall keeper-“You won’t find a single bottle of water on any stall in the entire station. You can buy a bottle on the train.”

The man-“But I need it now.Please help.”

The stall keeper-“You can buy a small cold drink bottle. It is chilled and it will also quench your thirst.”

The man-“Quickly give me a chilled cold drink bottle.”

The stall keeper gave him the bottle and the man emptied the bottle in one go.

We too had asked for a bottle of water from the stall keeper and he had given us the same reply. That day we had learnt a severe lesson.

From then whether it be a small journey or a long journey, we always carried  a big water bottle with us.



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