Fairy Tales.

Fairy tales are a world of delight for children. Without reading fairy tales, a child cannot grow up and one who does not, truly misses something which is a part of every folklore and civilization.

An evening without a fairy tale is as empty as a bottle of plum juice without plum and juice. A mother’s delight and hardwork is a fairy tale. It is itself an institution, which teaches children the most important aspects and lessons of their lives. Children can learn very fast and the right teaching given at the right moment always brings out good results.

Fairy tales have been a part of my life as well.I have grown up reading, fairies,goblins, pixies and those legendary fairy godmother’s tales. My mother had introduced them to me and still does and she is the one who bought me those books about fairy tales. She loves them and has taught me their importance.

There are few legendary fairy tales of which movies have been made and books are reprinted millions and millions of times, but Enid Blyton’s fairy tales are the best. Without reading them any child’s learning is incomplete.

When in a sad mood, read a fairy tale. When in sombre mood, read a very good fairy tale. When in a joyous mood, read a fairy tale and when in an all-weather mood, read a fairy tale.

A fairy tale makes the reader enter the world of magic, which without any discrimination allows one to enter those wonderfull and magical worlds where only a select few can enter.

Read a fairy tale to your child and see the wonders that it does on him or her.

Sometimes it is good to be a child.

Being an adult is no fun at all.

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