Fried Mac and Cheese La Americano style.

Few days ago we visited an American restaurant. It is an authentic one and they are rare to find. It wasn’t the pull of American cuisine, but the pull of the stomach, that led us to it. Once we were seated at the restaurant, the stewards furnished out the menu card and we browsed through it. The range and variety of salads were unheard off. The foods seemed altogether different than Indian cuisine, but burgers and pizzas are now popular so, it was altogether not that different.After all food is food.Be it American or any other cuisine.

At the second page of the menu, a picture of fried mac and cheese with mayonnaise caught my attention. We had, had that before, when we had gone out with Joshua (read the linked post My Friend Joshua).

So, I requested ma to order a plate of it and ma did so.We ordered for two other food items also, but they bought the mac and cheese at a lightning speed.As if they were waiting for someone to order it and voila! they would serve it instantly.

Now, mac and cheese, is one of my favourites, since it is easy to make and eat.

But the mac and cheese they had served me wasn’t the traditional one. It was mac and cheese stuffed in a long flour balls, garnished with coriander and served with mayonnaise as a base. They were light brown fried and the inside texture and was that of everything being mixed together. It didn’t fill the stomach as mac and cheese usually does, but on the other hand it was, good,light and crispy to eat.

It was a memorable experience of eating fried mac and cheese and who says that any food is fixed to a particular style.If anything can be innovative, then food are the foremost examples and sometimes it helps break the stigma that one particular type of food can be had in this way or that way. It is the human mind which is always cultivating otherwise, everything would be monotonous and boring.

Ma,baba and me, we loved it a lot and the next time we visit that restaurant, we shall definitely order for two plates of it.It’s most positive side is that it is not messy, smoothly made and not heavy to the fill.

Happy Eating.



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