Bread Cookies with tea.

Have you ever eaten bread cookies? They do exist and are wonderful to eat. Cookies aren’t only made out of flour or maida. They can be made of bread.Well my mom knows how to make them and I am proud of her. What astonishes me is the ability of bread to mold and become hard when it is baked.What ma does is she add chocolate crumbs or chocolate fillings in bread cookies and sometimes she even adds those fruity things in the bread cookies and they taste simply magnificent. With a steaming hot cup of tea, they taste like soft sweetened breads and give a wonderfull feeling that my day is beautiful and only bread cookies and tea exists in the whole world.I generally prefer sweet tea with milk, but green tea is also a good option. Even in a day, if I have them ten times, I wouldn’t be satisfied and each and every I dip those bread cookie in the tea, my tea becomes lesser in quantity and my appetite for it grows more and more and more .




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