Warm Cookies with Sweet Milk.

Yesterday evening was dull.I was looking out of the window,watching the August rain,which was raining mercilessly on the streets outside.When it rains too much without a break, then everything becomes muddy and there is water everywhere. So,while I was looking at those getting wet in the rain, I was yawning incessantly.

Suddenly ma came into the room with a tray full of warm cookies and a glass of milk.

In a jiffy my yawning vanished and I sat down on the bed to have those warm cookies with the milk.

First I took a big gulp of the milk and found out that it was sweet milk.Ma had sweetened it. My throat started feeling more thirsty and before ma could point out that the cookies were still unfinished,I had gulped down nearly three fourth of it.I had a hard time dipping those round and fat cookies into the glass of milk.Those cookies could barely touch the milk in the glass.I could have broken the cookies into two, but I didn’t as by breaking the cookies, the warm liquidy stuff inside the cookies comes out and its taste changes.Suddenly ma again brought a hot jar containing the hot milk and added milk to my glass.Now I could dip those cookies.Hip!Hip!Hooray! Three cheers for ma.

While crunchily eating those cookies I took a glance once or twice outside and I shook my head at the rainy situation outside.This time I took my own sweet time to complete the glass of milk and after having the whole lot of it, I let out a big belch.After nearly thirty minutes,I went to sleep under my cozy blanket where I dreamed that ma was making more and more cookies and I was having them one by on and after having one of each variety, I packed them up tightly in air tight containers, where they would be safely kept for future consumption.Ah! if such dreams came true.

Happy Eating.


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