A man used to live off in a far away village. Twice a week he would go to the market and sell his produce.He had a small farmland and there he cultivated many vegetables in lesser quantities and sold them in the city. This time, he had grown brinjals and a pumpkin four times the size of a football and taking all his vegetables with him in a vegetable basket, he sat on a city bus. After two hours he reached the city.While he was getting down from the bus, he saw that an astrologer was sitting at the bus depot, with a board put up-“best astrologer is available here”. That man instead of walking towards the city market went straight to the astrologer and asked him-“sir, how much will you charge me,if you do an astrological prediction for me?”

The astrologer-“Five rupees.”

The vegetable seller-“Five rupees!”

The astrologer-“Fine, you don’t have to pay anything right now.If my prediction comes true, then while going back to your home, pay me my fees.”

The vegetable seller-“That sounds good to me.Please tell me my future.”

The astrologer took a good look at the vegetable seller’s palm with his magnifying glass and then he grimly told him-” you shall be able to sell your brinjals today, but your pumpkin shall remain unsold.”

The vegetable seller-“But sir, that is nearly not possible.I have been able to sell the pumpkins each and everytime before.”

The astrologer-“previously, you had been able to sell the pumpkins, but this time you won’t be able to.”

The vegetable seller-“I will definitely sell the pumpkin.”

The astrologer-“My prediction, shall come true, you will see”.

The vegetable seller then took leave of the astrologer and while leaving he told the astrologer that if his prediction came true, then he would definitely pay him five rupees.The astrologer did not reply and kept quite.

With that heavy basket on his head, the vegetable seller went towards the market and sat down at his spot.The place where he used to sit had no roof coverings, so the bright morning sun would fry his bald head quite nicely and sweat drops would continuously be trickling down the sides of his cheeks.

After half an hour or so, a man came and bought his brinjals.

The vegetable seller-“Sir, would you like to buy the pumpkin as well? It’s fresh and quite big in size.”

The man-“No, I don’t need any pumpkin today. I had it yesterday.” Saying so the man went away leaving him all perspiring with his sole pumpkin.”

Like this two hours passed.None came forward to buy his pumpkin.

He waited till two in the afternoon and then he had his lunch of two rotis and a banana.

Till four he sat there, trying to sell the pumpkin, but none came forward.

Then he decided to go home and kept five rupees in his pocket, to pay the astrologer.

But the astrologer was not there! The vegetable seller searched for him here and there at the bus depot and finally when couldn’t find him, he went and sat on the bus back home.

He reached his home.On seeing him enter with the pumpkin, his wife started shouting at him-“you have bought the pumpkin back? Why haven’t you sold it?”

He then told his wife about everything that had happened.

Wife-“Why did you consult that astrologer?What was the need?”

The vegetable seller-“I felt the need to know my future”.

Wife-“When he told you that the pumpkin would remain unsold, you should have given it to him.Even we can’t cook this at home as it has been crossed by the astrologer.”

The vegetable seller-“What! give it to him? It is I who harvest them, cultivate them, sell them under the roaring and blistering sun and you ask me to give it to that astrologer in lieu of five rupees? Never.”

Wife-“Then what shall I do with this huge pumpkin?”

The vegetable seller-“Keep it in the kitchen.”

The wife kept it in the kitchen.

Nearly after a week, the pumpkin started rotting.The wife reminded the husband that his pumpkin was rotting away. The vegetable seller asked his wife to throw it away.

Wife-“It is quite huge and I shall require your help.The farmer took it in a big basket and threw it at the corner of his small farmland.

Small pumpkin saplings came out and they covered nearly the whole farmland and they gave a good harvest. The whole field was half full with blooming pumpkins and this time he didn’t let them grow into a big ones. He cut them while they were of medium size. Many of his farmer friends came to see his pumpkin harvest and he sold them off in the city market very easily and had a lump sum profit from it, but the astrologer was never seen again.

With his profit money he bought a good dog to protect his farm, from intruders and birds.

On a market day, he while selling his pumpkins, the astrologer happened to be in front of him. Now he was not in his orange robe, but in a t-shirt and pant like a city babu.

He greeted the farmer -“Hello.” The farmer instantly took out five rupees and said “sir where were you so many days?”

The astrologer-“I was busy predicting in other towns.I don’t need five rupees.Please, give me two pumpkins”.

The farmer-“Why are you not taking money? It’s not a good omen.Please, tell me sir.”

The astrologer-“My charges are more now.It is ten rupees and I am not doing any predictions for you right now, because you are already predicted.”

The farmer-“Sir as you do not assure me of my good future,I will be in a mental hazard and above all my wife will ask me if I don’t pay you.”

The astrologer-“But my wife will be very happy if you give me two pumpkins as gift.”

The farmer did the same and thought about changing his selling place to some other where.





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