Controlled Estimation.

Controlled estimation are two words which are not spoken often together but they go hand in hand. Their biggest examples are suitcases. While going on any international trip, a family of three are allowed to carry 115 kgs of luggage or more. So while packing the bags, the person who packs the bag has to make a controlled estimation, that whether the suitcases are getting heavier or not.My dad often used to pack our suitcases and he would be constantly checking it’s weight to see whether it was over weight or not and at the moment the weighing scale showed that the bag’s weight had reached the maximum weight it could carry out, dad would close the suitcase and start packing another one.

A bakery chef while preparing a cake has to make extremely careful calculations regarding the ingredients of his cake or other wise it would be a down hill road for him.Many times while they are in a hurry or under immense pressure to make a huge number of orders, they make controlled estimations of the amount of yeast, flour,oil,etc, and of the rest of the ingredients to be used to make the bakery products such as cakes,breads, etc.

We all use controlled estimations every now and then in our lives without realizing it.

A bowler while bowling has to make a lot of controlled and precise estimations, to keep the batsman from scoring runs and his final goal is to take the batsman’s wicket as soon as possible or the batsman would be having a field day on the field.

It is always better to use controlled estimations than uncontrolled ones, as anything which is out of control or uncontrolled always tend to get out of hand, much before anyone can say snap.

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