Actors are like us.

Not all actors are superstars nor do they require all the stardom or the paparazzi  to follow them each and everywhere. There are many and many and many and many different actors who are people from very common facets of life and they keep on acting and continue acting till the very end of their lives, whether they get recognition or not;it doesn’t matter at all.

They are like a all state team vying to play for the regional team and if anyone of them is lucky, that person might play for the internationals.

It goes on like this- plays- theater – low budget movies- normal movies to the mega blockbusters.Progress in an actor’s life happens in a chain reaction and  successful few chosen ones, can cut across the mass and make and keep their mark forever.

Reverting back to the main topic on hand, many actors who do plays,yatras (plays which go on for three-four hours) and theaters, often bring out their natural behaviour in their acting.As they enact better than others, they are often selected for plays.

Dialogue delivery, word pronunciation, diction and certain acting skills also matter but their natural ability to constitute and to do justice to the script is what makes them heroes.

Now one such actor was selected to play a supporting roll in a medium budget film which later went to become a mega blockbuster, which lead to the actor being offered many roles in the same position in many main stream movies.

Still after acting in many big hit movies his character and acting style has not changed even a bit.He still has the simplicity, innocence and uniqueness of an actor who knows that at the end of the day he has to go back home and eat home made food and spend time with his family and share his happiness or sadness with them as will they with him.

His dancing skills are that of a common man dancing at a marriage function or at any other function. The ability to break into a jig as soon as required is what makes him a good spontaneous dancer. The quality to produce emotions of anger, sadness, frustrations and heartbreak are God-gifted onto him.

What I learned from watching his movies is that any man or woman can touch the sky but after touching it he or she has to land back on home land.It’s like completing a home run.You can’t simply hit a ball into the stands and wait for God Almighty to complete the run.You need to do that yourself. I also learnt the fact that most of them are humans, just like us.


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