The Swing.

When my ma was young, she used to live in Kolkata. She was then eight-nine years old. My grandfather had got a big nice strong rope, which is generally used to pull heavy objects and thus they are quite strong. There was a ceiling hook on the verandah and he attached the rope to it and on the lower end of the rope he tied the rope to a wooden plank, thus making it a homemade swing. In those days pollution was very less and natural air used to flow like it should flow.

Ma would often sit on the swing and have a go on it. It would help her refresh her mind and even sometimes the swinging would be her gateway to the beautiful dreamlands and fairylands.

Now for a week or two, a rumour had been going on in ma’s school that a tumultuous and super-difficult class test would be held soon. None of the teachers had confirmed it.

Then suddenly pulling a bluemoonish act, the mathematics and science teachers respectively told the whole class in their serious, heavy and melancholy baritone- “students, a twenty marks class test would be held tomorrow and the day after at ten o’clock.Be prepared or else parents shall be called”. On hearing this announcement nearly each and every student was shivering with anxiety and fear. They had not been given a days time to practice for the test! Tomorrow means tomorrow.

Now you all please tell me that which teacher holds a big class test without giving students time to study?

Ma went home anxious that day and when she reached her home what does she see? Her paternal aunts and cousins, who stay in a far away state in India, have come to her house and they would be staying for three days.The class tests would be held for two consecutive days.

She went straight to her mom and told her about the class tests.

Ma-“Ma tomorrow and day after tomorrow two big and serious class test would be held”.

Ma’s ma-“Not to worry.You will definitely score full marks in both the tests.”

Ma-“Ma, where shall I study?”

(Ma’s cousins were actually kids aged five-six years and they would create a racket day in and day out).

My grandmother solved the problem instantaneously.

Ma’s ma-“You shall study on the swing and make me and your father proud.”

Immediately freshened up, had her evening snacks and straight she went to the swing and while having swings on it she kept on studying. First she studied those gruesome maths problems and then she studied the heavyweight science chapters.

First the mathematics examination was held and the next day the science papers were held.

As an extremely proud son I am writing the very fact that she got twenty out of twenty in both the tests and not only that.She had studied those subjects throughout the night and that too under a halogen bulb and without any fan.

When ma had given final Tenth board exams i.e. the Higher Secondary Exams, she had studied for LOGIC throughout the night and had scored 80/100, despite having written the paper correct completely. She had got star marks in her logic paper.

She was and is a teacher and the very best. It’s a students privilege to learn from her and I am an extremely proud son of her.

It is those small things such as the swing that makes life wonderful and bright. There is true happiness to be found if you can cultivate it.Even if you have to cultivate it out of thin air.

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