Happy Mother’s Day

13th May is being celebrated as “Happy Mother’s Day”. But for a mother is it a happy day? A mother has to look after her kids, their schooling, their homework etc.She even has to cook the morning breakfast, afternoon lunch, evening snacks and the night dinner.There is not even a moment’s rest for her.It is a twenty four hours job being a mom. Many women give up their successful careers to look after their babies and kids. Nearly everything in this world can be repaid, but a mother’s hard work and love cannot be repaid back to her.To me my mother is above God.She is everything for me.So, on this special day the only change that I could bring for her is that I made the morning tea for her.That too I made it, while being half asleep as I was still in the sleep mode. I hope that all the mothers in this world, can take a rest for a day, so that they can rejuvenate themselves and their families should take care of her for that day. All the families must see to that they should give relief and happiness to moms as much as possible. Still I don’t see any major change in the daily activities in the future for moms, because being a mom is the most difficult and the most lovable job in the whole world.

I hope that all of you spend a happy mother’s day happily with your moms.

Happy mother’s day.