A Pattern Asked Me.

A pattern asked me,

“Can I weave a story?”

I replied-“Yes, you can. There’s nothing to stop you.”

“But I can’t find any story line. The designs are all confusing.”

I-“Weave a flower,

Weave a bird,

Weave a lily,

Let’s tide for a said word.

Weave a scent,

Whose fragrance shall last long enough.”

“I can weave such things.

I shall weave a lily first.

Then a rose.

Let me get to work,

For a pattern must set together,

Leave a permanent feature,

Which shall last more than the universe.”



The Beautiful Graphics.

The beautiful graphics

Were not for her.

The beautiful graphics,

Were not for the cake.

The beautiful graphics,

Had to be curated.

The beautiful graphics,

Were truly beautiful,

As it had majesty,

Love and kindness.

The beautiful graphics,

Were an artist’s true mark,

For any art isn’t without an artist,

An artist isn’t without art.